Email Lists:
Discussion Email List
This is the general discussion list for Livable Sunnyvale. An unmoderated channel for sharing articles of interest, discussing news of the day, etc.
Main Email List
This is our announcement list, and is moderated.


Committees You Can Join:

Forum Committee
Livable Sunnyvale is hosting a Forum on Pending State Housing bills and CASA in April 2019. Join the Forum Committee to help plan the event.
Communications Committee
Communications Committee coordinates internal communications structure, including social media accounts. Sign up if you’d like to help out.
Cupertino Committee
Cupertino Committee advocates for increased housing stock in our neighboring city.
Housing Committee
Affordable Housing Committee advocates for increased housing stock here in Sunnyvale. Also supports renters’ rights and protections.
Outreach Committee
Education and Outreach Committee promotes Livable Sunnyvale’s values in the community and organizes events.
Mobile Home Park Issues (formerly Renters)
Committee advocating for Mobile Home Parks rights and rental protections.
Steering Committee
Open email list for Steering Committee updates.
Sustainability Committee
Sustainability Committee advocates for environmentally sustainable solutions to our community planning concerns.
Transportation Committee
Transportation Committee advocates for public transit solutions and increased walkability.

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